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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Rexburg-ians Again

Ya know I think I'm pretty knowledgable when it comes to the computer world. I can use a computer, I can figure out programs and the internet. But I do not understand Blogger. I don't understand the order of pictures and I don't understand why I can't cut and past my post and move it to the top of the pictures. Anyway. Here are the pictures in no particular order and the post is at the END. Sorry.
Watching football with dad

Cousin Maggie

This beautiful blessing dress was made by my good friends' mother Launa Brenchley
My sister Ruth and baby Ember and matching booties made by Grandma Piggott
Bad Mood.
Happy birthday daddy!
Happy birthday again!
Rexburg is COLD

Mmmm yummy toy

This is Spencer's kidney stone fiasco that happened New Year's Eve. He was nice enough to wait until after the ball drop to inform us he needed to go to the hospital.
Olli's first hotel stay
Well we're back to Rexburg. Oh boy. It actually hasn't been THAT been until about 3 days ago. When we arrived there was NO snow! Imagine that. There's usually a couple of feet for New Year's but this year nothing. The trip went really well and Olli slept most of the time. We took the trip over 3 days just to give her more time at pit-stops and time to relax at night. Spencer is in his last semester (hallelujah) and I'm loving my life being a stay at home mom. Olli is growing, growing, growing! At a 6 week check-up she weighed 10 lbs 12.5 oz and was 22.5 inches long, 75th percentile for both! She has been so much fun and no day is bored with her around. The past few days she's starting to stand for more than just a few seconds. Anytime she gets fussy I just stand her up on my lap and she stops to just look around like it's a whole new world! She has also found her hand and loves chewing and sucking on her fist. I can even put a toy in her hand and she'll hold onto it for 10 minutes or so and just munch away! A few weekends ago Spencer's Arizona family was able to come up to Utah so Olli got to finally meet Grandma and Grandpa Liljenquist and a few Aunts, Uncles and a bunch of Cousins. My sister Ruth also had a baby just after Christmas so we had a double baby blessing! Anyway, this post is kind of a mess but here's what you really want: pictures!

Sunday, December 25, 2011

First Christmas!

We had such an awesome Christmas this year! We spent Christmas Eve with a few other couples who also didn't have any family close by. We ate an awesome lunch/dinner, played games, swapped white elephant gifts and talked for hours. Such fun. We woke up semi-early on Christmas morning and had our first family Christmas! It's so fun to start new tradition and carry over some old ones. Spencer and Olli waited in the hall while I made sure everything was ready and we had a fun time opening presents. Then we went to a wonderful Christmas program at the church on Bainbridge Island with some of my family's friends from way back when and had a delicious brunch afterward. It was so nice to relax before we get ready to make the long drive back to Idaho for Spencer to finish school. Anyway, here are a few pictures of our festivities as well as a super sweet video of Olli smiling!